Food Selection Process

  • We Explore

    Our buying team develops relationships with local food producers and innovators from across the globe. Our unique partnerships and in-house R&D allow us to offer many products exclusively. We’re constantly evaluating new items and growing our product universe.

  • We Evaluate

    Our Food committee narrows down the selection to 8-12 new items per month to add to our overall menu.

  • Employees Vote

    Employees can remotely explore the full LeanBox product universe- everything that we offer.  Each client site votes on which products to add to their site’s fridge, and inventories adapt responsively.

  • We Data Crunch

    We monitor purchases in real time, and tailor each delivery’s contents in response. This data is fed directly back to our product scouts, and guides our team during the research and evaluation phases.

“We put in a mix that’s 75 to 80 percent healthier items, and allow 20 percent for fun, innovative things that are borderline healthy,”

Peter Roy
Peter RoyCo-Founder of LeanBoxBoston Globe, 2015

“From a convenience standpoint, being able to get a meal 10 feet away from your cubicle is really important. From a taste standpoint we spend our life scraping the earth for cool products.”

Shea Coakley
Shea CoakleyCo-Founder of LeanBoxBoston Globe, 2015